2023 IB Seniors Celebrate Finishing the IB Diploma Program with Banquet

RHS IB seniors go out with a bang.


Photo Juno Le

Alex Delise (’23) giving Tucker Wehrman (’23) a high five walking back to his seat at the IB senior banquet.

Cecilia Cheng and Juno Le

The Robinson International Baccalaureate (IB) Class of 2023 gathered at the Tampa River Center at Julian B Lane Park on Monday, May 22 for the annual IB senior banquet to celebrate their four years of hard work and success.

The banquet comprised a taco buffet, an award ceremony including silver knight awards, awards for excelling students, as well as recognition for students that best represented each IB learner profile. Not to mention, every senior received a superlative from IB Theory of Knowledge teacher James Buchanan and IB English Teacher Eric Smithers. 

“It was really great just to see everyone together again one last time before graduation and get to laugh and have fun as a cohort. At first, I was surprised by the superlatives, but eventually, it came together and I appreciated the humor behind it,” Drew Zacharias (’23) said. 

Afterward, Sela Teplin (’23) and Cami Sai (’23) presented paper late awards for all IB teachers, including ones that have previously retired or moved to another school. 

“Cami and I had a great time making them together. It was so fun being able to honor our teachers,” Teplin said.

The event ended on a sweet note, where everyone had dessert and got a chance to sign each other’s yearbooks. 

“It felt surreal seeing everyone before we graduate. Although I’ve seen these people every day for the past four years, the past month has just been quick glimpses as we stressfully worked through our exams. Knowing this would be the last time we would talk to each other as IB students and classmates was bittersweet,” Anneliese Ahrens (’23) said.