Best Summer Blockbusters


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Charlotte Rose, A&E Editor

Paper Towns

An out of the ordinary love story filled with passion and adventure hit the big screen on July 24. The flick is based on a novel written by John Green. The tale showcases the lives of a group of teenagers and their journey to find their missing friend Margo. It was filled with inspiring scenes and quite a few amusing lines thanks to the most outspoken of the group, Ben. Even though the movie did not directly follow the story line of the book, it was well made and very enjoyable.

Inside Out

This recent Disney movie did not disappoint. It told a cute story about emotions living in a little girl’s head. When “Sadness” looses one of her core memories, everything starts to go wrong. But, with the help of “Joy,” they adventure out into different parts of her mind to try and help the little girl gain her happiness back. This movie was full of moments that made me smile but I also found myself shedding a few tears. Although this movie is geared for younger eyes, I believe that anyone of any age would take joy in watching this film.

Jurassic World

I am not usually one to take thrill in watching action movies, but Jurassic world pleasantly surprised me. A dinosaur-filled theme park introduces a new spectacular attraction to bring in more visitors. But, the creators were way in over their heads and it backfires horribly. I was on the edge of my seat and my eyes were glued to the screen the entire movie. It contained frightening scenes, comedic elements, and even a love story. This was probably the most anticipate movie of the summer.


A lively comedy starring Melissa McCarthy as an unlikely CIA agent. She is sent all over Europe to save the world from global disaster. If you are looking for amazing acting and uproarious comedy then this movie is not for you. But, if you appreciate sarcastic jokes and want to lift your mood, this movie if perfect. The only downside I have noticed is that the movie relies on vulgar language. This is not a movie you can relax with your parents and watch. But, I was entertained throughout the entire film.


It was very strange watching a movie in which the main characters do not speak English…or any real language. However, I found myself laughing through the entire movie. When the minions are stranded without a villain to work for, Kevin, Stuart, and Bob step up to find a new master. Even though I enjoyed Despicable Me more, Minions was a lot of fun. There are tons of wacky humor that kids will love, but there are also a few jokes that will make any person of any age laugh.


Click here to watch the trailer of my personal favorite, Inside Out.