Charismatic Valentines’ Treats

Charismatic Valentines Treats

Meng Fei Shen

Valentines’ Day is coming around the corner, and stores are embellished with hearts while the temporary chocolate stands at the malls are filled with long lines. Chocolate, a traditional gift that lovers and friends exchange with each other, originated from East Mexico by the Olmec civilization over 3000 years ago. But the stereotypical gift of chocolate bites out of heart-shaped boxes are becoming obsolete and lacking creativity. Check out these fun and unique homemade “chocolate” recipes:

1. Chocolate Chip Cookie Lollipop

chocolate chip heart cookie lollipop

Honesetly, who doesn’t appreciate creativity and freshness? All you need is a cookie cutter, some Chips Ahoy, and a lollipop stick, and voilà! Your cute little cookie “lollipops” are ready to be given.

2. Chocolate Messages

Secret message choco

You don’t have to understand hieroglyphics or fortune cookies to send secret, romantic messages. With some alphabet cookie cutters and chocolate, you can convey your affection for your date effectively and “uncheesily”.

3. Chocolate-covered Oreos

chocolate dipped oreos

Favorite cookie with milk? How about favorite cookie with chocolate? Double the oreo fun by covering this creamy chocolate cookie with even more chocolate! Does chocolate sound really repetitive? Doesn’t matter, because it tastes real good! I mean it is Valentines’ Day, so having some extra sweets wouldn’t hurt, right?