Vending Machine Thoughts

JJ Speights, Staff Writers

I’ve been hearing a lot of students complain about the vending machines this year because the school district wanted all of us on campus to eat a healthy diet, saying that it’s unfair and I pretty much agree with the students.

The most shocking thing I’ve discovered here in this school is that in the cafeteria, the back room where the teachers eat at, there is one vending machine that has the exact snacks that many of the students favor to eat. That is like saying “students are not allowed to eat junk food on campus, only the teachers can.”

I understand that Michelle Obama wanted a lot of us to eat healthy but this kind of a bit overboard if you ask me. What would be better is to have both diet and regular snacks in separate vending machines. So if a student wants to go on diet , they can go to get the diet snacks and eat those then while another student who is not on diet can get regular snacks.

I’d rather eat my own snacks than eating the ones here as well bring my own lunch which is another story.