Send Messages to the Future!

Charlotte Rose, Staff Writer

Incubate is a hot new app that allows people to deliver messages to their friends in the future. It has a similar platform to the IOS app “Snapchat,” but with a twist. Users can take pictures/videos and then choose the date and time for it to be delivered.

This app is great for sending birthday messages or recording a special moment that you can view in the future. The only downside to this app is that for a friend to receive your message, they have to have the app too.

Some students gave their opinion on this unique app.

Sebastian Molinares (’15):IMG_9962

Q: What are your first thoughts on the app?

A: “The name of it is weird.”

Q: Would you ever use this app? Why?

A: “If a lot of other people started using it. If not, you couldn’t send messages to anybody.”

Q: Could this be the next Snapchat?

A: “It could be like Snapchat, but it wouldn’t replace it because it is different.”

DSCN0530  Stephanie Wolfe (’18):

 Q: What are your first thoughts on the  app?

 A: “I think it seems pretty cool that you can send  something to someone at a later  time. It’s like a  time capsule.”

 Q: Do you think this app has potential?

 A: “It could, but I don’t think it will  become a  big thing because everyone likes Snapchat where  you can send someone something and they will  get it  right away.”

The app is currently available to download for free on iTunes.