Say yes to dress

Students and even teachers should dress up for spirit week

Lindsey Chadwick, Staff Writer

In past years, Robinson has had the tradition of holding spirit week before homecoming. However, this year was set up a little differently due to a couple complications. Since our school did not host the homecoming game the day before the dance, spirit week preceded the homecoming football game against Newsome which was a week before the dance.

In your four years of high school, you only have four homecomings. Meaning you only have the chance to dress up and spread spirit for four weeks of your high school career.

In my opinion you should dress up for spirit week. Not participating in spirit week misses opportunities you might regret when looking back years from now. Spirit week is a great opportunity to spread spirit and appreciation for the school while having fun with your friends.

People don’t want to be judged for what they wear so they decide not to dress up, but this is the one week where no one can judge you. Spirit week is where you dress up according to special themed days involving dressing in costumes, wearing school colors, or wearing things you have around your house to go along with the themes. You can wear whatever you want and no one will care, not even the administration (as long as you’re not dressed inappropriately).

Getting a group of your friends together and getting pumped up by spirit week is not hard. Having a get together and planning your outfits is one way to get excited about it. Wear what you want to wear and you can encourage other people to get involved too.

Although some might be mad about the spirit days not sticking to tradition, you shouldn’t just brush them off. The fun part about spirit week is not the ideas itself, but dressing up and having a fun time spreading spirit around your school. If people know the majority of the school is dressing up for spirit week then maybe more people will be comfortable and want to dress up.

Aside from students dressing up, teachers— the leaders of the school— should also take action and participate in spirit week. They can lead kids to believe that dressing up for spirit week is fun. Not many of the teachers dress up or even promote spirit week and they are lacking spirit for their school. Teachers can inspire students through their actions. More students and teachers need to get involved to change this culture of not dressing up.

Dressing up improves the quality of spirit week as well as everyone’s day by spreading spirit and getting people hyped for the big game on Friday.