Early release is needed

Early release days need to come back

Lindsey Chadwick, Staff Writer

Why did they take out early release days? Was it because we missed a day of school for the hurricane? If so, have we not made that up yet? Are we making up for last year?  We haven’t had a day off since labor day, a month ago. With a combination of that and cutting out early release days I know I’m not the only one who is starting to get tired and starting not to focus.

I want early release days back, we need early release days back. This is not right to let us kids get exhausted. An extra hour a week in school is more than it might seem especially when you are used to one less hour a week.  Early release helps us kids look forward to the dreaded Monday since it’s a short day.

Taking out the early release days has also brought up another issue. For me personally I needed that extra hour after school to do my homework. I play two sports so I have to manage my time. It was much easier to get all my work done and study for tests to keep my grade alive with an extra hour.

Without another hour to do my work I feel stressed and I’m not getting as much of my homework or studying done. I can already see my grades starting to go down and its only the 3rd week in the quarter.

I always get my classwork and homework done. However, it has been difficult and I have been extremely tired, I couldn’t figure out why. Staying up until around midnight and getting up at 7 in the morning starts to add up. I don’t have any time to catch up.

I know I’m only in traditional and some IB kids might be struggling more than I am but that would mean they also need that extra hour to do their work. Even with no early release the teachers still give us a lot of homework. With all my outside activities I have been struggling to get all my work done. If we had the extra hour after school I wouldn’t feel so behind.