We all need to eLearn how to work together

eLearning puts strain on both teachers and students.

We all need to eLearn how to work together

Nicole Perdigon, Print Managing Editor

With the beginning of the first official week of eLearning, teachers have taken various approaches to this new challenge, but the school system is lacking structure. I don’t want to blame teachers because I believe that they are learning how to approach online schooling as much as we are, however the lack of structure and the miscommunication is frustrating. 

It feels like no teachers are on the same page and from a students perspective, learning how to communicate for all your coursework in one class is daunting, then adding all your classes, a different protocol for each teacher, and a system that doesn’t work half the time, things get overwhelming. Almost, if not all work and communication is going through Edsby, and this platform was not meant for this much activity and because of it, it is constantly crashing making matters even worse. 

With everything going around right now, it is no understatement to say that there is a lack of normalcy. For there to be no consistency between teachers and an entirely new way of learning,  it is unfair to expect students to continue completing such a heavy amount of course work. The week spent prior to the kick-off of eLearning was not spent effectively, some teachers did give a rough outline; however I don’t think it was enough time for either students or teachers to become fully acquainted with this new system.

The most effective way to fix this would be by the school, or maybe even the district, giving teachers a unified process to assign and accept work from students. Another way to make things easier would be if the administration found a way to have a general place for students to check-in to school at some point during the day and having teachers use that so that all the information teachers need for attendance in one place, making it easier for everyone.

I can give credit where credit is due, for the most part, teachers are being very accommodating and giving an abundance of resources, and are being very understanding by working with students to help them get their work done. But eLearning is still a stressful challenge for everyone, and there needs to be patience and understanding on both sides.