All of the Stars

Samantha Verdisco, Staff Writer

The highly anticipated blockbuster, The Fault in Our Stars, officially premieres June 6, but for Tampa, it is not just an average film. It is the talk of the town. If you ask any teenager about his or her summer plans, there is a likely chance, if not guaranteed, that it will include a scheduled date to see this movie. Despite the buzz, “fan girls” and “fan boys,” the novel’s original enthusiasts, have made it very obvious that they are the heart and soul of this production. I mean, come on. Without them, there would be no adaptation, let alone best-selling novel.

I will admit it. I am a HUGE fan of the book; although, prior to reading, I stereotyped it as an “average” and “dry” love-story. For example, the girl likes the guy. The guy likes the girl. What happens next? They fall in love.

I had always been interested in action-adventure or dystopian genres. Who wouldn’t want a suspenseful read that always keeps you on the edge of your seat? I had no intention to purchase a sappy romance book that almost always ends either “happily ever after” or, quite frankly, tragically. Plus, as I thought, there was no need for another unoriginal novel similar to those of Nicholas Sparks, cluttered with nothing but irrelevant text.

Reluctantly, I bought the book from Target last year (I got a 20% discount, and I was not going to decline such an offer), and began reading it “just because.” Although I had heard great reviews from both friends and critics recommending and praising it, I was not originally interested. Despite the fact that I had zero motivation, I somehow forced myself to finish what turned out to be the most influential novel of this generation.

The novel was more than good; it was outstanding, heartwarming, heartbreaking, emotionally triggering…You get the point. Yes, the plot was pretty basic, revolving around the two star-crossed lovers’ adventures and experiences. However, what made it so unique was the greater, metaphorical theme (hint: significance of the title), which can be open to different interpretations.

Even the most accomplished writer cannot describe or match the magic and talent of John Green. Green transforms the book’s black and white pages, intriguing audiences with his humor and appealing wit. Personally, I cannot even find the words within any thesaurus or dictionary to state how thankful and pleased I am with Green’s work. He is a true literary genius, and I admire him for his humility and gratuity towards his national recognition and fame. Overall, The Fault in Our Stars is more than a nondescript love story. It is profound.

However, because the novel was so remarkable and relatable, TFIOS fans, who anxiously awaited this film, hold high expectations for the production and cast. After all, its their beloved story and characters that are being recreated.

Many book-movie adaptations, such as the popular Percy Jackson series, have been known to disappoint, demolishing the film’s fan base and dreams. The big question is: Will The Fault in Our Stars do the same, or successfully fulfill the original story?

Tune in on June 6 to find out, but in the meantime, click here to discover fun and creative ways to prepare for the premiere.

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