Baritone or base? How about both!

Robinson sophmore Sabrina Takagishi explains how she manages a hectic schedule


Takagishi and the rest of the Robinson cheer team.

Many students at Robinson High School have struggled with playing multiple sports or being in the band program because of the time commitment. But cheerleader and baritone player Sabrina Takagishi (’21) manages both at the same time.

Takagishi juggles marching band and the varsity cheer program along with being a sophmore in Robinson’s IB program. While there are a few students who manage being in the band program and playing a sport, Takagishi’s situation is unique because her commitments coincide.

Photo M McClintock
Takagishi marches in the half time show before heading back to the cheer team.


The workload of IB classes combined with participating in both cheer and band doesn’t leave Takagishi with much spare time, so she has learned to manage her schedule effectively.

“I make sure to get my work done during the day and the times I do have in JA. I have good time management and prioritize what’s due,” Takagishi said.

Takagishi attends practices during the week to prepare for her Friday night performances in both band and cheer. Her Friday nights consist of cheering at the varsity football game with a quick transition for the bands half time performance.

“I have to regroup myself and figure out what they’re doing at that time and get back into the flow of band,” Takagishi said.

But Friday nights are not the only hectic part of her week. Takagishi leaves cheer practice early for band, which has an impact on her cheer teammates.

“We aren’t able to do as much without her, and she really helps and is able to do very complex stunts,” Emma Fernandez (’21) said.

Takagishi does realize that team work is a big aspect of cheer, and that is ultimately why she puts it first.

“I prioritize cheer because there are less people on the cheer team, so you can stick out. In band there are so many people, so one person doesn’t make as big of a difference,” Takagishi said.

Takagishi’s commitments affect not only her academic life, but her social one as well. However, she still takes time to relax and socialize.

“She can’t hang out as much as she could before, but even though she is committed to band she always finds time to do what she wants to do while still doing everything else effectively,” Fernandez said.

Takagishi’s commitment and drive allow her to succeed at balancing such time-consuming activities, and makes her an inspiration for her peers.

“Sabrina is very hard working and she loves what she is doing very much, and she is very dedicated to her sports and extra curriculars as well as her schoolwork…I definitely am influenced by her to do what I want to do without letting anything stop me,” Fernandez said.