Review: Not bananas for Raw Smoothie Co.

Raw Smoothie Co. was underwhelming and overpriced


Nicole Perdigon, Print Managing Editor

I will admit it, I am somewhat obsessed with acai bowls and fresh smoothies. They are one of my favorite breakfasts to eat, that’s why when I heard about Raw Smoothie Co., a place dedicated to organic fruit smoothies and bowls,  I was excited.  When I got to the restaurant I had high expectations and to be frank, I was disappointed with my bowl.

I ordered the “basic bowl” and chose the base “the usual”, which is made of strawberries, banana, honey and almond milk. A basic bowl comes with an additional choice of one fruit topping and chia/flax bend. I chose bananas for my topping and the bowl cost 10.99 before tax. I was hoping they had a wider variety of actual acai bases, but they only had one acai base and although they had a wide variety of other bases, I felt limited in what I could get. The fruit topping also seemed limited because the only choices were strawberry, banana, blueberry and pineapple.

I could have gotten the “packed bowl” which offers 2 fruit toppings, cacao nibs and hemp seeds for 12.49, or the “dank bowl” which offers 2 fruit toppings, cacao nibs, dates, goji berries, hemp seeds and extra granola for 13.99. These two bowls do offer 2 fruits instead of one but that seemed limited as well and honestly not worth the price.

The contents of the bowl itself were good, the fruit tasted fresh and everything in it blended well together. I will say that the base seemed a little thin in comparison to the bowls I have gotten at places like Sweet Soul and Enerjuicer Acai Bar, so I was a bit disappointed with that. I have also found that the other places I have gone to have been better with the proportions of the fruit in each bowl when compared to granola. I felt like there was alot of base, a little granola and only one fruit topping so the bowl was more bland than I expected it to be.

Pricing wise Raw Smoothie Company is a little more expensive and personally I think if you’re looking for something full of flavor and variety I think there are better places in South Tampa that offer more fruit per bowl at a slightly lower price.

Overall, I don’t think Raw Smoothie Company is bad, its very fresh and tastes good, However I think South Tampa has better places to offer and I was disappointed with what I got for the price I paid.