Football Falls Short in Semis

Crystal Ortiz

Today’s word of the day: measurement. Or a lack thereof, I should say.

On Friday, December 7, the distance between the nose of a football and the orange first down marker was short. Or so they said.

The men painted white and black watched the pass become clutched in receiver Austin Eads’ (’13) arms, dropped for the spot, and then the seconds ticked down to zero. The precious fragments of a dream that were once so probable disappeared.

How these last seconds were spent, we may never know, but only one thing is certain: there was no measurement of the true distance between the ball and the marker. A single judgment call made that last set of downs the last of high school football that those 24 seniors would ever play as a squad in their lives.

Another thing is certain too: within that short (or maybe not) distance, dreams were shattered, hearts were broken, careers were ended, words were spit, and tears were shed. The Knight Nation will forever mourn the 24-20 loss to Tallahassee Godby and wonder how far, if at all, away was that football from another storybook ending.

It also served as the final game Mike DePue, would ever coach from Jack Peters Field. He was named Coach of the Year by several organizations. He lead his final team to a record of 12-2 and an average of 38 points and 210 rushing yards per game. The squad set a state record for defensive touchdowns.

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