Girls Ready For Districts

Lauren Peterson

With a record of 9-3, the girls’ soccer team is on their way to mimicking last year’s successful season. These girls are looking for a district championship trophy to match last year’s.

“We’re excited for the opportunity for a back to back district championship. We’re looking to go one step further, the final eight in the state,” said Helms.

However, the season has started out with a pretty easy schedule. The players were able to mercy rule Middleton and Blake and leave numerous other teams scoreless. With impact players Ruth Seleznick (‘13), Caroline King (‘14), and Hayden Jennewein (‘15), this team improved their skills with difficult games against teams like Steinbrenner.

“Steinbrenner was really good. We didn’t lose that badly and we played really well,” said captain Caroline King (‘13).

Coming up on January 8th, the team will face Alonso. In the past, the Lady Knights have not been able to beat the Ravens, but they maintain high hopes.

“I know it will be a battle butI know we will play hard. It is also senior night so the seniors will leave everything on the field,” said captain JessicaPrescott (‘13).

The girls are seeded 1st going into districts, leaving all their opponents scoreless except for King, who made one goal.

“It was the first game of theseason. With seven minutesleft in the game, King scored.It woke us up, and we scored three goals in five minutes,”said Coach Helms.

King is seeded second in thedistrict, so the team is ready to play them in the championship for the second time.

“We’re prepared to play beyond the game against King.Our regiment of workouts will keep us matched for any team we should face,” said Helms.