Boys Golf Falls to Plant

Justin Fontes, Staff Writer

On Tuesday, September 30th, the Boy’s Varsity Golf team played against Plant. At the time, the Plant golf team was ranked second in the county, while the Robinson boys were ranked fifth.

“It was probably the toughest match that I have ever been in,” said captain Andrew Skora.

It was raining off and on throughout the match. Weather conditions are a significantly large aspect of the sport. Club grips and glove were wet; the fairways were muddy; and the greens were slow.

“Plant is a very antagonizing team to play with, and plugging my ball every shot didn’t help with the pressure,” said Brett Johansen (’16).

Plugging a ball is when the course is so wet that the ball sticks in the ground instead of bouncing when it lands after being hit.

“We had to play with Lift-clean-and-place,” said four year player Chandler Luger (’15).

Both teams decided that the course was wet enough for the lift-clean-and-place rule to be applied. This means that a player may mark his ball position, pick up his ball, clean it, and place it on better ground no closer to the hole.

In the end, Robinson lost to Plant by only a mere five points.