Weather, Rain Plagues Fall Ball Practices


Photo M. Hall

Autry in his junior season.

Isabel Giovannetti, Staff Writer

Day after day of this fall season has brought dark clouds, windy afternoons, and most of all, rain.
Although the mornings may start off with the sun shining, by the time the dismissal bell rings, it’s pouring.

This terrible weather has particularly inhibited the Robinson High baseball team in their fall ball season.

Throughout fall ball, the Knights usually play the same teams as they would during the regular season. However, these pre-season games and practices allow for the players to get to know each other and build on-field chemistry.

As captain Darius Autry says, “During the fall, we get a feel for the team.”

This year, due to the constant storms during scheduled practices, the baseball team has not been able to develop that connection between players. The only alternative has been to head to the Palma Ceia batting cages to work on individual skills such as hitting or throwing.

“We haven’t really gotten to do any team drills that we’d need a field for,” says Autry.

His greatest concern is that the team will out of practice in team-related jobs in a game setting. For example, in fly ball communication, it is necessary for outfielders to be aware of each other and work well together.

Without a field to practice on, perfecting those typically simple skills will be more of a challenge this season.

Autry realizes the importance of getting back to work as soon as possible if the Knights hope for successful season. As soon as the rain lets up, Darius takes plans on taking action. “I’ll get everybody working at practice and take advantage of our resources while we have them.”