Quidditch Comes to Robinson


Photo I. Giovannetti

Biology teacher, Craig Everhart is enthusiastic about his new position as Quidditch coach.

Ashlea Daniels, Staff Writer

Colleges around the countries have created their own Quidditch teams, and the trend is now to spreading to high schools around the country. Starting next year, Robinson will offer Quidditch as a varsity sport.

Craig Everhart will step down from his position of JV Football coach in order to coach the new Quidditch team.

“When  I first came to this school it really did remind me of Hogwarts and now my dream and is coming to life,” said Everhart.

Students will be required to bring their own brooms to tryouts. If trying out for the Seeker position it is required to bring your own snitch, and people trying out for the Beaters will have to bring their own bats.

“I’ve always loved the Harry Potter books and movies and when I heard that we’re getting a Quidditch team I dusted off my prized Firebolt and brushed up on my facts in my Quidditch handbook,” said Cody Chesser (’17).

Some students are not quite as excited about the new team.

“Are you kidding me? Quidditch isn’t even a sport. What are they going to do next? Competitive rock skipping?” said Liliam Clavijo (’17).

Quidditch games will begin starting next year. All students are encouraged to come by and support the team.

Carlos Munoz (’18) is particularly excited and will be sure to attend a match.

“I’ve been waiting for this my whole life.”

Coach Everhart has one piece of advice for those planning to try out: April Fools!