Future starlets shine bright


Photo Lujain Bashir

Future Starlet Brookelynn dances during their pregrame performance. The Future Starlets is the Starlets annual fundraiser.

Macy McClintock, Managing Editor

At the Starlet’s pregame performance on Friday night, the high school dancers were joined by a few special guests as part of their annual fundraiser.

Each year, the Starlets host the Future Starlets, a dance camp for ages 5 through 13. The Starlets held a special practice on Monday, October 2 to teach the young tikes the stand tunes and a special performance.

“Future starlets is the fundraiser the team looks forward to the most during marching season.” Starlets sponsor Joanie Oben said. “The fee includes some fun goodies for the Future Starlets and the profit helps us buy much-needed equipment for our marching show.”

Ten Future Starlets learned a choreographed dance to “Hit Me With Your Best Shot”, a nod to the marching band’s show “The Underdog and performed it before the Knights took on Brandon on Friday, October 6

After their pre-show performance, the Future Starlets headed up to the bleachers and performed band stands tunes dances with the Starlets for the first half of the game.

Not only was it an effective fundraiser, raising $500 for the Starlets, but also inspired just a few more kids to keep on dancing.

“It was really exciting because my brother is in the band so I got to watch him play and I got to dance,” 10-year-old Caitlyn Powell said. “I can’t wait to be a Starlet when I come to Robinson.”