Girls golf advances to Regionals

Amelia Foster, A&E Editor

Robinson’s girl’s golf team has faced their fair share of hardships- they are generally unrecognized, there’s only four girls on the team and only one girl has ever played golf before for Robinson. Yet on Monday, October 15, they advanced to Regionals. While off to a shaky start in the season, the girls team improved as practice went on.

“We’ve won most of our games and we’ve been slowly improving throughout,” said Priya Sambasivan (’22). “Improvement is just natural with everything.”

The team advanced to Regionals after playing King High School at Temple Terrace, automatically moving on to Regionals as a result of being only one of two teams in the district competition. The will have their first regionals match on Oct. 22, where they will play against all the teams in their section.

“I just think it’s great how I’ve just started playing golf and we’re already at Regionals,” said Samantha Puddicombe (’22).

With only one girl having been on the team before, and only two having ever played golf, the team faced unique challenges in the beginning of the season. Emersyn Brown (’20) is the captain of the team and is currently in her 10th year playing golf, and she regularly coached the newcomers in how to properly play the sport.

“They all came in as very new golfers and throughout the season they have shown tremendous progress and they’ve shown that they are committed to the sport,” said Brown.

Golf is a unique sport within Robinson, both in the rules of the game and how it is treated. The girl’s golf team must show discipline as there is no referee, or students, watching their every move. The discipline and sportsmanship makes learning golf much harder, as one must know when they have made a mistake.

“People think it’s kind of easy but it’s really hard because it’s all about the mechanics,” said Julia Giarelli (’22).

Robinson’s girl’s golf team will advance to Regionals on the 22 despite their shortcomings, and will continue to play and come together as a team.

“I am very proud of them and everything that they gave to the sport,” said Brown. “They ended up doing their best and that’s all that I can ask for them.”