Robinson marching band will perform at lacrosse’s senior night

Amelia Foster, A&E Editor

On Friday, April 5, Robinson’s lacrosse teams, both Knights and Lady Knights, team will play a home game against Freedom High School. Not only is the game for lacrosse’s senior night, but it is the first time Robinson’s marching band will play at a lacrosse game. In the past, marching band has only ever performed during football and flag football, so lacrosse was a special occasion for senior sight.

“It [marching band performing] adds excitement and noise and support for our student athletes,” Chris Revett, the band director, said.

Revett was first contacted by boy’s lacrosse coach Eric Smithers back in January with the request for marching band to perform at senior night. While the team plays, Robinson’s marching band will be playing the standard songs they play at football games and pep rallies, such as their stand tunes and RHS fight songs.

Robinson’s lacrosse games typically have a low turn-out rate, with mostly family and friends attending. Although it is just a regular match, there will be a ceremony before the game to honor all graduating team members as part of senior night.

“It [senior night] helps me to reflect on my accomplishments individually, as well as the accomplishments of the team,” Piper Pistorino (’19), co-captain of Lady Knights said. “I really appreciate that they [marching band] are willing to come out and support us… I definitely believe that more people will come and enjoy the game.”

It’s unusual for marching band to perform during the spring sports season, as Robinson’s band is now in competition mode. Football coincides with marching band season in the fall, while playing at lacrosse or flag football disrupts the routine.

“It makes everything seem more exciting when you have people playing in the background,” said Sophia Krinos (’19), a member of band. “It’s just human nature to get hyped from the band.”