Robinson soccer defeats Hillsborough

Robinson’s last home game of the season ended in a 9-1 victory for the lady knights.


Senior captains Brooke Volpi and Kaitlyn Faulkner celebrate in the moments after Faulkner scoring her first goal of the game.

Jules Whitaker, Features Editor, Opinion Editor

Robinson’s senior varsity soccer players led their team to victory on Thursday Jan. 23 as the Lady Knights defeated the Hillsborough Terriers 9-1.

The game began quickly and before the end of the first half, Robinson had scored seven points, while Hillsborough only scored one. The field was manned by an almost fully senior lineup as the girls celebrated their last home game on their Robinson field.

Leading into halftime, the players gathered on the home side of the field, where RHS soccer players gifted Hillsborough’s seniors with gift bags to join them in on this special sport’s tradition.

The next part of the night was dedicated to the home team’s seniors. Each player lined up where they, escorted by their families, walked across the field towards their team.

As each girl was announced, a brief summary of their experience on the team was read aloud, ending with a personal note that had been written by that player.

Head senior captain and four-year player Brooke Volpi was the last to go, walking towards her team as she took in the moments that would sum up her high school career.

“I am so grateful to my team for giving me and the other seniors this experience. It beyond exceeded my expectations,” Volpi said.

The game resumed after the end of the seniors’ recognition and the Knights went on to score two more goals before time was called, ending the game with a 9-1 lead over Hillsborough.

Right outside midfielder Brooke Volpi lead the team with four assists, while senior goalie Tianna Davis had seven saves at the goal.

Seniors Jayden Barrera, Brooke Volpi and Kaitlyn Faulkner all scored two goals in the game which was a team high and three other players scored one goal.

Robinson finished victorious with a final score of 9-1—defeating Hillsborough—and giving their seniors another celebration to end off their home season. The Knights went 8-4 in their regular season.

“The game was fun because so many people got to score. I’ve loved this team this whole season and I’m excited for playoffs,” Faulkner said.

Robinson’s girls soccer will play their first playoff game as the number one seed on Wednesday Jan. 29 against Middleton at Blake.