Flag Football Reigns Over District 7 Once Again

RHS Flag Football beats out Osceola for the District Title.

Vikram Sambasivan, News Editor

Flag Football beat Osceola Fundamental High School 20-0 to win the District 7 Championship for the sixth consecutive time on April 29 at RHS. Despite what the score may suggest, this game was a hard-fought victory.

Adriana Williams (’23) scored a touchdown and made the two-point conversion to round out the score to a 7-0 lead in the first quarter. During the second quarter, the Knights kept up their high level of play and scored twice with one successful two-point conversion. However, in the last minute of the quarter, Osceola stepped up their game and managed to intercept a pass from Knights quarterback Briana Stearns (’22).

Quarter three went by without any scoring from either side and was relatively uneventful, apart from another interception from Stearns. In quarter four, Knights quarterback Sydney Hall (’22) threw an intercepted pass, but nevertheless, the Knights’ defense was able to prevent Osceola from scoring a single point.

Now that Robinson has claimed the district title, they will move to regionals where they will compete to become one of the final four across the state, and eventually, compete for a spot in the State Championship.

With an arduous road ahead, Head Coach Joshua Saunders sends out a hopeful message for an upcoming Knights victory.

“Tonight should be okay, [we’re against] a relatively young team that’s not used to this level of play; then after that, every game is going to get a little harder. So, as long as we protect the ball and do what we’re supposed to do we’ll be fine, but sometimes that doesn’t always happen,” Saunders said.