Robinson Volleyball Stampedes the Gaither Cowboys

Robinson Varsity volleyball wins fourth game 3-0.


Photo Ashlyn Miller

Katejion Robinson (23′) goes in for a kill at the Robinson vs. Gaither game.

Ashlyn Miller, Staff Writer

Countless kills and digs from the Robinson Knights gained them another win against the Gaither Cowboys in their fourth game of the season on Tuesday, Sept. 13.

To start the first set, Katejion Robinson (’23) and Mina Kuklen (’24) put the first points on the board. With four perfect spikes, they secured 4 points for the Knights, giving them the lead going into the game.

“The best part of any game for me is celebrating with my teammates after a really good kill,” Robinson said.

The Cowboys made a push for a comeback in the middle of the first set. By blocking multiple kills, they were able to bring the game from 12-5 to 12-9. Robinson’s aggressive kills, and a simple bump over the net by Madison Williams (’23), gave the Knights 2 more points over the cowboys. With a kill, Grace Wilson (’23) earned the final point for the Knights, ending the set at 25-14.

The second set was a constant battle for the upper hand, with the score staying tight the entire time. Robinson and Williams worked together to make an impressive save, not letting Gaither tie up the game and keeping the score at 3-2.  Hayden Spano (’25) stayed in action, constantly digging the ball, making impressive saves and not letting the cowboys have any breathing room on the scoreboard. With Wilson once again on the kill, the score is brought to 23-21. The final point is scored when Gaither bumps the ball out of bounds.

The first five points of the third set were scored by Gaither, but Robinson and Williams put a point on the board with a block. Again with the kill, Robinson scores another point for the Knights. The Knights continue their comeback and tie up the game 5-5. Robinson gets an ace, scoring and bringing the score to 13-7. The teams ended their third and final set 25-16.

With an overall score of 3-0, the Robinson Knights took the victory over the Gaither Cowboys. This was a difficult game for both teams, but the Knights continue to play hard.