Jonah Jumpstarts the Season

Senior Captain Jonah Irwin leads his team to prospective victories.


Photo Juno Le

Jonah Irwin (’23) jumps to aim for the net. The Break the Silence game was inching closer to the end of the third quarter, which the Knights would finish 24-18, with Brandon taking the quarter. “It was a good game… it was closer than it could’ve been but besides that, I’m glad everyone came,” Irwin said.

Grace Shafer, Staff Writer

Jonah Irwin (’23) is one of the three captains of the Knights boys’ basketball team. He is a shooting guard, a position that requires you to be familiar with shooting at different angles and position on the court. To do this, you have to have court vision/awareness and agility.

Shooting guard is also responsible for driving the ball down the court and setting up offensive plays. Irwin has always been a shooting guard, so he is extremely familiar with the position.

Irwin has been playing for about 5 years now, providing experience and insight to the rookies of the team.  He said communication is key to a united team.

“Our team’s strength last year was having good team chemistry. I would say my strength was definitely defense.” Irwin said.

Being the captain, he is responsible for more than just defense.

“As a captain, my role is to make sure everything is going smoothly within the team and nothing is stopping us to be the best we can,” Irwin said.

Captain Kaden Wood (’23) is able to work with Irwin to lead the team.

“Jonah benefits the team because he is a super analytical thinker on the court and a great team player,” Wood said. “He always helps by bringing the energy and reminding us to keep our heads up.”

Coach Smith ultimately controls the team, but Jonah collaborates with him so players have as much mentorship as possible.

“Jonah is senior and great experienced leader; he leads by example,” Smith said. “He’s the hardest working player on the team. He’s dependable and provides the support that helps our team be successful.”