Preview: Flag football faces Alonso preseason game

Robinson gets ready for flag football season.


Photo Abigail Meyer

The Robinson flag football team has become known for their hard work and title as champions.

Anna Woodward, Online Managing Editor

Robinson’s flag football team is known for their unwavering performance as state champions. This weekend, the Knights will be debuting this season for a series of preseason games through what is the largest girls flag football tournament in the country, hosted by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

These games are preseason, which means that they do not count for the official record this season. Instead, the Knights are using this as an opportunity to look at what they can improve on and to warm up for the upcoming season.

“We want to try to play well, but really we’re looking for things that we can improve on for when the season actually starts on Wednesday,” head coach Joshua Saunders said.

The highlight of the tournament will be when Robinson faces Alonso, who is also known for their flag football team and was recently the only other team in the county besides Robinson to be sponsored by Nike. Saunders described this game as the “signature event.”

Not only is this event a chance for Robinson to play a bit before the season starts, it will be interesting for attendees as well. Mayor Jane Castor will attend and speak at the event, among other city and school board officials and even Bucs players.

“Just go and watch and take it all in…there’s 57 games…it’s gonna be pretty cool,” Saunders said.

The game against Alonso will take place Friday evening at the AdventHealth Training Center. Events start at 7:00, and parking and admission are free. The tournament started this Wednesday and will last into the weekend.