2014-2015 Sports Paperwork

It’s never too early to get started with athletic paperwork, especially for summer conditioning that conicides with fall sports.

Please complete the attached items in their entirety to participate in sports at Robinson High School. Use the checklist below to ensure you have all the required paperwork. This packet must be complete before you are cleared to tryout, condition or partcipate in a sport.

__ Application Page 1 [Include student ID number, date entered 9th grade, address, phone number, current grade level, all previous high schools.] IF YOU ATTENDED ANOTHER HIGH SCHOOL, YOU MUST SEE MS. LOCKETT, APA to be CLEARED to PARTICIPATE.

__ Utility Bill Page 2 [Must be a current electric or water bill.]

__ Copy of Birth Certificate Page 3 [All 9th graders and new to Robinson students.]

__ Physical Pages 4-6 [Page 5 must have the Doctor or Facility stamp with signature and date of exam.]

__ EL3 Pages 7-8 [One parent signature is required and student signature, date.]

__ EL3CH Pages 9-10 [Parent and signature and date.]

__ Participate and Travel Form Page 11 [Parent signature in four areas, student signature in two areas.] Leave the signature of Head Coach and Assistant Principal of Administration blank.

__ School District of Hillsborough County Payment of Fines Page 12

__ Student Media Release Form Page 13

__ Medical Release Form Pages 14-15 [Must be signed in front of a notary, both copies, complete part 1 only.] Ms. Foote in Student Affairs is a notary.

__ School Insurance Page 16 [Complete online www.hcpsathleticprotection.com, print the copy of the card and attach to the packet.]

__ Turn in completed packet to the coach for that specific sport.

Click here for a list of coaches.
Click here for a list of sports start dates.