10 things to put into your quarantine queue

Ten movies and tv series to watch while quarantining.


One of RHSToday’s reviews.

Ella Wertz, News Editor

With all of the extra time from self quarantining and online school students need something to do to keep them busy, the Knight Writers staff have put together a list of movies and TV series that they reviewed in the past that are definitely worth the watch.

I Am Not Okay With This is a TV series focusing on the coming of age story of a teenager with a twist. The main character Sydney Novak discovers that she has a secret superpower and must balance her knowledge of that with growing up as a regular teenager through the struggles of puberty.

Taylor Swift has been a role model for many girls since her first album Fifteen. However, America never really knew about Swift’s life other than the relationships she wrote about in her songs. Netflix’s documentary Miss Americana reveals Swift’s true personality and the highlights and struggles of her growing up in fame.

Little Women has been a classic story since Louisa May Alcott published her novel. Little Women is a coming of age story following the lives of four sisters: Jo, Meg, Beth and Amy. This new adaption of Little Women provides audiences with the familiarity of the story with a new cast and updated sets.

Cheer is a series that gives audiences an insight into the world of competitive cheerleading at a college level. Cheer is a sport that is often times looked down upon and belittled because of the past stereotypes that plague it. The TV series Cheer shows how the sport has evolved while introducing lovable characters audiences can relate to.

Frozen II brings back all of the lovable characters and songs from Frozen and adds a few more. Frozen II touches on the importance of family and feminist principles like in the first movie; however, it takes on a more serious tone.

Mister Rogers has been a beloved character for decades. A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood revives this fan favorited character and teaches audiences yet another lesson for younger and older generations to follow in their daily lives.

For raging Star Wars fans, The Mandalorian brings a whole new set of character and plot to the saga. It follows a bounty hunter in a secret society, called the Mandalorians, on different adventures in the world of Star Wars while attempting to protect his new found ally Baby Yoda.

Dickinson is a show on Apple TV+ following the life of Emily Dickinson, the famous poet. Hailee Steinfeld plays Dickinson in a feminist TV series that gives audiences insight into the life of one of the greatest and most misunderstood poets in our time.

Maleficent: Mistress of Evil continues Maleficent’s story of a misunderstood and manipulated “villain”. This movie is at the same time as when the classic movie Sleeping Beauty takes place. The movie reveals the true identity of Maleficent as almost a savior. The sequel to this Maleficent provides audiences with a whole new perspective on the classic and beloved tale of Sleeping Beauty.

This movie is based off of the novel written by Garth Stein and showcases the story of the trials and successes of marriage and building a family with the inclusion of a lovable golden retriever that brings the family together even in his dying breath. This movie is a feel-good story that is perfect to watch your family.