Your Gift Guide for Valentine’s Day

A gift guide for your perfect valentine.


Photo Allie Barton

A graphic made on Canva of a famous Valentine Day candy spelling out “Valentines Gift Ideas.”

Allie Barton, Social Media Editor

The day of love is approaching us. Whether you have a valentine or not, it’s still kind to give to the ones we love.

For that special someone though, if you can’t think of an inside joke gift or something they have been talking about wanting, try to make a memory book of dates, fun times, etc. This is an easy and thoughtful gift to give someone; it shows a timeline of your relationship. You could go on Pinterest or TikTok for inspiration on making this book or build your own with cardstock paper. Use pictures and have them printed at CVS or Walgreens or even buy a Polaroid film printer and print your memories onto Polaroid film. This gift could also work for your best friend, sister/brother, or parents. If you do not want to do this on paper, you could do this virtually with a slideshow presentation.

Another route to take that is more traditional is the buying of big boxes of chocolates, candies or flowers. These are timeless gifts and can capture the traditional look of this holiday. You can also make your little basket of their sweets, throw a gift card to a restaurant or store they love and take them out to spend it.

One more that is still “sweet” is to bake them something. Sweets could be pastries like cookies, cupcakes, brownies, blondies, the list goes on. You could customize this a little with their favorite colors or get a heart-shaped cookie cutter or a heart-shaped tin and customize it with red, pink and white coloring toppings or accents.

For a non-multi-item gift idea, plan a mini trip somewhere. This could mean dinner on the beach (restaurant or brought from home) and enjoying watching the sunset together. An alternative to this can be going to where you guys first met and spending quality time there, along with getting dinner of some sort (or the gift ideas from earlier).

In addition, make a simple yet meaningful card for your valentine. It is timeless and is something the recipient can keep for however long they please. Another craft to make is a jar full of reasons why you love or appreciate that person, somewhat a pictureless alternative to earlier scrapbook ideas. For this, get a mason jar, colorful markers and some paper and get to writing.

Lastly, at Robinson this year, the Spanish Honor Society is offering “Rose Grams.” In Room 2210 (in the language building), you can purchase a rose gram for two dollars in either cash or Cash App $IsmenyRamirez. They are available for purchase from Monday, Jan. 30 to Sunday, Feb. 12.