Teacher Feature| Ann Petersen


Sam Verdisco, Staff Writer

Traveling as far as Canada to Florida, language teacher Ann Petersen has found her home in more than one place, let alone country.

As a student, she was enrolled in the arts program at Mayfield Secondary School located in Ontario, Canada. Petersen later attended Wilfred Laurie University in Waterloo, Ontario Canada.

Although a Canadian at heart, Petersen moved to Florida, earning her bachelor degree in education at St. Petersburg  College.

In her free time, she enjoys gardening, but despises housework. “It [housework] is no fun,” said Petersen.

However, there are certain things that she misses about Canada.

“I miss skiing, skating, and swimming in the freshwater,” said Petersen. “I will not swim in Florida’s freshwater because I am petrified of alligators!”