Senior Quits Dance to Focus on School

Catia Sleet, Staff Writer

After fourteen consecutive years spent dancing, Emma Leigh Konner (’15) decided that it was time to focus on senior year and her future.
“I thought that spending more time studying and preparing for college was more important than dancing,” said Konner.

During her dancing career, Konner spent at least three days a week in the studio and competed in various competitions. She took classes such as ballet and tap. Konner won a regional competition last year.
Other than the countless hours practicing pirouettes and steps, Konner kindled friendships with other dancers.

“The thing I miss most is the people. I spent a lot of time with them and I had many close friends,” said Konner.

However, Konner lacked the time for dance come senior year. She still keeps in touch with her friends, but she hits the books instead of the right steps in a dance number.

“I have to focus on my priorities,” said Konner. “I want to become successful in whatever I decide to major in.”

She hopes to attend a state university such as Florida State University or the University of Central Florida.

Konner likes to run on Bayshore for exercise instead of dancing, but spends most of her time studying. Senior year is the final stretch, or last step of high school. Konner wants to reach her goals and focusing on her priorities, while making sacrifices, will allow her to accomplish that.