Samantha Garcia leads the way to success

Band Captain Samantha Garcia wins the Fred Gerbhardt Leadership Award.


Photo Gabby Phillips

Samantha Garcia (’20) takes the field to perform the halftime show during the Newsome football game.

Juno Le, Staff Writer

At their very last competition of the year, when the Marching Knights finished superior, their captain left with more than just a rating.

Samantha Garcia (’20) is band captain, one of the highest available positions for a student in the Robinson Marching Band. As band captain, she works closely with Band Director Christopher Revett to oversee leadership of the band and attend all events Revett is at.

When the Marching Knights competed in the Music Performance Assessment (MPA), Garcia had entered an essay contest in honor of Fred Gebhardt, who was a band director in Hillsborough County for many years and was important in the development of music programs. After passing, the Fred Gerbhardt Leadership Award was created, which includes a plaque and a $500 scholarship. Essays are read and selected by Mrs. Gerbhardt, who presents the award. Garcia’s essay won the competition and she was awarded the scholarship and plaque.

“Looking back on it, I’m only considered a great leader because I have an awesome group of students I lead,” Garcia said. “My goal will always be to help them succeed in all that they do.”

Her bandmates said she is a tough worker.

“Sam is one of the most hardworking people I know. She is determined to make our band the best it can be and is constantly encouraging us along the way,” said Caroline Brindise (’23), who’s in her first year in band and plays the flute.

Brindise is in the same section as Garcia. Brindise said she looks up to Garcia and has benefited from her confidence when performing.

“I feel that we are really good friends. She’s taught me hard work always pays off and to never give up. I am so proud of her and she definitely deserved the award,” Brindise said.

In her role as band captain, Garcia collaborates with Revett on the band’s performance, events, and leadership.

“Sam has definitely stepped up and become one of the best leaders in the program here. She cares about the success of everybody. Sam’s compassionate and she’s also very driven. Sam was very [deserving] of the award and I’m proud she decided to enter the competition,” Revett said.

Along the way in her role as band captain, Garcia worked hard alongside the band director to perfect the Marching Knights’ efforts in their performance.

“I’m very fortunate to have Mr. Revett as a mentor who has been the example of leadership I strive to be like,” Garcia said.

With her leadership, the Robinson Marching Knights won an overall superior. She’s learned a lot about how to motivate her bandmates and work with them in efforts to help them grow and perform their best.