Fresh Faces Flood Campus

Future IB Freshmen Register For Courses, Explore Extra-Curricular Options

Over 150 eighth graders accepted offers to the IB program at Robinson High School.

Logan Richardson, Reporter

Over 150 eighth graders flooded the courtyard Tuesday after learning they were accepted into the IB program at Robinson High School. Henderika George, IB guidance counselor said over 400 students applied to be part of the program.

“Most of the applicants were from public schools,” said George. “Coleman Middle School had 19 students apply. That was the most from a single school.”

Student applicants came from over 27 middle schools, private and public, in the Tampa area.

“We have a variety of students that apply each year,” she said. “The two private schools with the most applicants were St. John’s and St. Mary’s.”

George said the number of applicants that accepted their offers immediately had increased significantly this year.

“We had 200 students that were accepted into the program that accepted the offer right away,” George said.

The newly accepted IB students and their parents that attended the event were greeted by current Robinson students and teachers in the courtyard for an elective and extracurricular activity showcase. Various sports, clubs and elective programs were on hand to educate the new students about what their particular group had to offer.

Student athlete and freshman IB student Charlotte Tuohy was representing flag football.

“A lot of people think [IB] is harder than it is,” said Tuohy. “So we’re here to show the incoming freshman that it’s not.”

In addition to sports teams, other programs like band showcased what they had to offer as an elective and after school program.

Freshman IB student Deanna Netzer represented Jazz Band.

“Band needs more people since all the seniors are leaving,” Netzer said.

This was the first year the registration for classes was hosted by organizations and a featured an open house type atmosphere including dinner.