Robinson has an interactive approach for tomorrow’s Great American Teach-In

Cassidy Williams, Staff Writer

Robinson’s annual career fair is being held Thursday, Nov. 16. This event allows students to learn more about careers they’re interested in and the plethora of  job opportunities in our community. Visitors come in to speak with students about their jobs and passions in hopes to show the importance of doing well in high school and continuing with education.

This year is no different, with over 75 business men and women setting up booths in the gym to teach students about their business and different career paths. According to career fair volunteer Julia Long, Robinson has a different way of hosting the Great American Teach-In (GATI).

“This [the career fair] is part of Hillsborough County’s Great American Teach-In and Robinson is doing something unique… students will get a chance to come through and talk to each career table,” Long said.

With representatives from a broad variety of fields, this year’s fair is going to have something that interests almost every student. Many students remember career day as a day where one person comes into a classroom and gives a presentation but the Cube hopes that the fair will change student’s mind on the GATI.

“It’s different because I don’t think very many high schools do this yet, hopefully it will catch on,” Cube volunteer Carla Megerian said. “The traditional format is that someone comes and talks to individual classrooms and does a presentation, [but this way] the student gets more of an opportunity to interact and participate.”

Students, like Zachary Remante (’19), are excited for the upcoming opportunity to get a sneak peek into the adult world and workforce.

“I think it’s a great experience for students and it opens up doors for them [students] to try out new things,” Remante said.

The fair will be held in Robinson’s gymnasium from 8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. All students are welcome to attend. Additionally, some classes are going to the fair as a class to learn more about the different career paths in attendance.