Spirit Week: White Lie Wednesday

Robinson Knights comes to school with White Lies on their shirts on the Wednesday before Spring Break.


Photo Cecilia Cheng

A group of Robinson students smile at the camera, showing off their white lies.

Cecilia Cheng and JC Thaxton

Students let their creativity shine today on the second day of spirit week, coming to school with white lies on their shirts. With it being a popular trend on TikTok earlier this year, students went all out, customizing shirts to match amusing characteristics about themselves.

Many matched their white shirts with black or denim bottoms and with white shoes. Additionally, multiple sets of twins walked around campus today with shirts saying the other person is the better twin. Also, several knights expressed that they believe this was the best theme out of the whole week.

“I was really excited for white lie because it gives me a lot of insight on the personalities of my friends,” Savannah Lax (’24) said.

These funny lies truly allow students to know more about each other. Robinson Knights will be participating in the “Anything but a Backpack” challenge tomorrow.