ISSUE 3: Fall in Love With the Spring Sports Pep Rally

Robinson Student Government Association throws pep rally to get in spirit for spring sports season.

Zoe Thaxton, Co-Editor-in-Chief

In crowds of pink and red and one George Washington, the Robinson student body gathered in the gym for the quarterly pep rally. It was themed around Valentine’s Day. Students were greeted with love songs like “Dark Red” by Steve Lacy and “More Than A Woman” by the Beegees and Biology teacher Diana Marazzo giving students heart stickers.

“We picked Valentine’s Day [as the theme] cause that’s kind of what people think of when they think of February so we wanted to incorporate the love theme,” Junior Class President Tara Kuklen said.

To start, there was a moment of silence while the National Anthem played and the JROTC color guard presented the flag. Then, with Oscar Poland (’23) on the microphone, all spring sports were called to stand up to be recognized by the student body. Following was the captains’ tug-of-war game.

The game was played a little differently than usual. Instead of having one large game where captains split between two sides, they grouped captains together based on sport and had two “semifinal” rounds before the winners moved on to a “championship.”

The semifinal rounds saw the Boys and Girls Lacrosse face off against the Boys and Girls Tennis and the Softball and Baseball teams against Flag Football. Lacrosse and Baseball and Softball won their respective rounds. In the end, the baseball captains Jeremiah Henderson (’23) and Tucker Wehrman (’23) and the softball captains Kohana Pousson (’23) and Riley Onisawa (’23) pulled out the victory for their sports.

“It felt great to win and it wasn’t really hard to go against all the other captains,” Onisawa said.

After tug-of-war, six boys lined up to impress Kelis Coleman (’25) with their best pickup lines. After numerous denials, Wehrman ended up wooing Coleman with his pickup line.

“The best part was… the pickup line game. There was a lot of hype being built around the game and it was just something different than what we’ve typically done,” Kuklen said.

Poland led the call and respond “SOG” and “Robinson Knights” chant as SGA prepared for the final game of the pep rally: human-sized Hungry Hungry Hippos. Two students were chosen from each grade level, one would be on their stomach on a little wheely cart while the other would control them by holding their legs and swinging them around. The goal was to collect the most balloons gathered in the middle of the gym. In the end, the sophomores came out victorious

Of course, as to end every pep rally, IB Math teacher Steven Smith led the class wide chant with the seniors winning once again.