Rivalry Game Ends in Defeat For Knights Baseball

In a tight game, Robinson narrowly lost to Plant, 3-0.

Zoe Thaxton and Ingalls Witte

The rivalry stands between Plant and Robinson as seen in the Knights baseball game Friday, March 25.  The previous two seasons (2019-2020 and 2020-2021 season) came out victorious against the Panthers. Last season, they won by one run with a final score of 9-8 and the year before they also won 3-1. However, in the 2018-2019 season, they lost 0-1. This back and forth would continue into this season.

Nathaniel Jennewein (’23) started on the mound for the Knights. In 14 innings, he had 18 strikeouts and an ERA of 1.00.

It was a quick turnover to the bottom of the third for the Knights. Jennewein got a strikeout from the top of Plant’s lineup. While there was a little error with the second batter, hitting a groundball to second but the throw getting missed by first base, Tucker Wehrman (’23) made up for it. The catcher was in motion and quickly got the ball, getting Plant’s runner caught in a pickle. The stand-down ended in an out. The end of the inning quickly followed with a groundball to shortstop and a throw to 1st base.

Robert Satin (’23), a previous Knight, pitched for the Panthers.

By the bottom of the first, the game was 0-0.

It would stay that way for most of the game. Throughout the other innings, the Knights would get close to scoring.

The score changed at the top of the fifth. The inning started with an out but followed with a walk. A bunt was laid down that Wehrman got the out at first, but the runner on 1st advanced to 2nd base. This would lead to the first run being scored for Plant. The top of the lineup came back to the plate and hit a ground ball up the middle. Even after that play, the ball was hit right between the infield and outfield, allowing runners on 1st and 2nd.

Russell Sandefer (’23) came in to pitch for Jennewein. After he came in, the inning ended with a ground ball to shortstop, leaving the score 1-0 Plant.

Again, Robinson gets runners on base but come out of the bottom with no runs.

Plant scored their next two runs during the top of the sixth. The fourth batter for Plant hit a single right before center field and the next batter bunted to advance. However, with a slight overthrow error, the runners were safe at both 2nd and 1st. A walk caused bases to be loaded and Sandefer hit the next batter, giving Plant a run.

Tyler Kirkner (’22) came in after this and came in with a strikeout. Plant scored another run because of Robinson got the out of 2nd rather than try to get the runner going home. Kirkner ended the inning with another strikeout. The top of the inning ended 3-0 Plant.

The game ended shortly after that with a quick turnover from the bottom of the sixth to the top of the seventh. Robinson held their own for the rest of the game and Plant didn’t score another run.

This rivalry game ended in a loss for Robinson, but the team remained in good spirit and will learn from their mistakes in coming games.