Robinson Knights Beat By The Berkeley Bucs 62-7

Robinson loses against Berkeley Prep.


Photo Chelsea Rodriguez

The Knights attempt to stop Berkeley from running the ball.

Chelsea Rodriguez, Sports Editor

With regular football season coming to an end, the Knights embarked on their last match against the Bucs on Friday, Nov. 4.

The game started with Berkeley scoring the first touchdown just minutes into the game. Although the Knights fought back, the Bucs were able to score 21 points before they made a touchdown. This would be the only touchdown made by Robinson in the whole game.

Running back Allan Lewis (’24) managed to score a 70-yard return touchdown. Things were looking good for the Knights but not for long. As the game continued, Berkeley managed to score two more touchdowns bringing the score for the first quarter to 35-7.

For the rest of the game, the Knights were unable to keep the Bucs at bay preventing them from scoring any more points. The game ended with multiple injuries and timeouts from Robinson with a closing score of 62-7.