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The student news site of Robinson High School

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The student news site of Robinson High School

Knight Writers

Chelsea Rodriguez

Chelsea Rodriguez, Sports Editor

Chelsea Rodriguez is a senior at Robinson and the Sports Editor for Knight Writers. This is her first year on staff.

Rodriguez finds her true passion within music and is interested in writing opinion and A&E stories related to music. With a love for the new and the old, her top artist would definitely be Taylor Swift or as Rodriguez describes the musician, "that girl." Other artists that make appearances on every playlist include Harry Styles, ABBA, Matt Maltese and Rex Orange County. She also taps into her creative side with art and drawing.

Rodriguez is very excited about this year as a first time staff writer. She's always been interested in journalism and is excited to get to know everyone on staff and get to know people around school through newspaper. Her main goal this year on staff is to improve her photography skills.

"One time my friend had a camera and then she was like 'you can take a picture' and it came out really bad so I want to learn to do more photography and take better pictures," Rodriguez said.

She is looking forward to going to softball and baseball games to take photos. She played softball for a few years but after an injury, she was no longer able to play the sport. However, she refuses to miss out on the fun of the game.

Rodriguez wants to pursue a career in the medical field by attending Oberlin College in Ohio. After graduating, she wants to become an OB/GYN and is very passionate about being somebody that people can trust. And now in the age of Roe v. Wade being overturned, she feels that way more than ever.

"I just like knowing that I'll be able to help women...I feel like we need more people on [women's] side, I would like to be someone that others feel safe with." She said.

(Profile by Keirra McGoldrick)

All content by Chelsea Rodriguez

ISSUE 4: Senior Letter

Chelsea Rodriguez, Sports Editor
April 21, 2023
As the clock struck three and hundreds of phones went off, gears started turning. Students got up and walked off in all directions ready to start their contests. Aniah Pierce (‘25) and her friends grabbed their cameras, got micd up and made their way to the cafe so they could work on their short film rom-com. Their story entails a young couple, their struggles and of course some good old third wheeling. “Working on a time crunch is definitely stressful, but I chose this contest because it’s the most creative one in my opinion so we have a lot more room to work with stuff,” Pierce said.

Photo of the Week: April 13

Chelsea Rodriguez, Sports Editor
April 18, 2023
Ian Aryes (23) getting ready to pitch. This was the third time this game that the knights changed their pitcher.

Photo of the Week: March 9

Chelsea Rodriguez, Sports Editor
March 9, 2023
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