Robinson Knights Shut Down Hillsborough Terriers

Robinson Knights win in a match against Hillsborough High School.

Chelsea Rodriguez, Sports Editor

With soccer season in full force, the Knights faced off in a match against the Hillsborough Terriers which proved to be a huge success, ending with the boys gaining yet another win for Robinson.

20 minutes into the first half of the game and the scoreboard still read 0-0. With Hillsborough’s midfielders going strong and keeping the Knights at bay they were able to delay them from getting onto their side of the field. However, this didn’t last for long when midfielder Jayden Patel (’23) got a hold of the ball and passed it to striker Tristian Davila (’24). After gaining possession of the ball, Davila managed to score the first goal of the match. The score remained at 1-0 for the rest of the first half.

“I was just trying to get the team motivated and trying to get the team going throughout the match and I think that the first goal helped that a lot,” Davila said.

The second half started off with a bang when just a couple of minutes into the match defensive player McConnell Barrow (’23) made a goal with the assistance of Davila (’24). The terriers, still determined, proved to be set on trying to even out the match but failed to score any points for the rest of the game.

“Our midfield and backline [were] very strong, we just need to keep it up. Keep the team working and working the little kinks out, and just keep getting better as the season goes on,” Davila said.

With just 10 minutes left in the match, the boys managed to score two other goals. The first one was made by forward Nicholas Zamprogno (’26) with the help of defensive player Jake Perkins (’23) and the last one was made just a minute before the end of the match by team captain Adrian Schumacher (’23) bringing the match to end with the score being 4-0.

“We have a really good time, if we lose a game, we’re still happy, we don’t get too down, we just enjoy playing together,” Barrow said. “Win or lose it doesn’t really matter as long as we’re developing well.”