Flag Football Conquers Plant Panthers

Knights verse their hometown rivals and come out on top with back-to-back wins.


Photo Chelsea Rodriguez

The JV team celebrates their win as they walk to the sidelines.

Chelsea Rodriguez, Sports Editor

A long-awaited game against the plant panthers took place on Thursday, March 9 where both our junior and varsity flag football teams faced off against our rival.

The JV game took place first and ended with the panthers not being able to score a single point. This game was a huge win for the knights and completed the 100th win in a row for the girls ending in a final score of 22-0.

The Varsity game started later at 7 p.m. and just like the previous game, ended with the knights keeping the panthers from scoring a single touchdown. The first quarter started off with a bang as the girls scored 20 points within just a couple of minutes, and although the panthers were able to gain a couple of yards later on, the first half was soon called to an end with a final score of 33-0.

The second half was a tight game as the panthers fought back hard, however, their efforts were in vain. The girls closed out the game with another win, 51-0.