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The student news site of Robinson High School

Knight Writers

The student news site of Robinson High School

Knight Writers

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Annabelle Bulger, Staff Writer

Annabelle Bulger is a junior at Robinson and a staff writer for Knight Writers. This is her first year on staff.

Being an Army Brat, Bulger has been homeschooled for the majority of her life as she has moved across the United States, living in Georgia, Texas, Tennessee and Washington before coming to Florida.

Despite a lifetime spent on the move, Bulger has never moved from the world of dance. Since she was three, Bulger has continued to dance everywhere she's found herself, currently performing with The Next Generation Ballet Company in Tampa.

"Ballet is definitly a staple in my life, it's been the one constant everywhere I've gone, so it's very important to me," Bulger said.

However, dance is not where Bulger's artistic talents end. A true musician, when she's not dancing she can be found sharpening playing piano and guitar. She can often be seen wearing Ghost, Sleep Token and Chappell Roan t-shirts. While she classifies herself as a classic rock and heavy metal lover, Bulger could never limit herself to just one type of music.

"I love to experiment with genres and expand my music taste, I love all kinds of music," Bulger said.

As she becomes more active in the student journalist landscape, Bulger hopes to comment on political and economic issues, mainly how they affect her fellow students.

"With the recent surge in activity in the Middle East, and my dad working the job he does, I have gotten very into investigative journalism and in-person reporting regarding these issues and I would love to try that myself while on staff," Bulger said. "I'm highly opinionated and I love to hear other people's point of view."

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