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The student news site of Robinson High School

Knight Writers

The student news site of Robinson High School

Knight Writers

Malia Rodriguez

Malia Rodriguez, Senior Staff Writer

Maila Rodriguez is a sophomore at Robinson and a senior staff writer for Knight Writers. This is her second year on staff.

When writing, Rodriguez tends to lean towards Opinion and A&E stories, where she infuses her distinctive perspective and voice on a variety of topics.

"[I like] writing opinion stories and A&E stories; [last year,] I even won an award for my review "M3gan" was Mediocre," Rodeiguez said.

Aside from using her pen and paper, she loves to socialize with her friends and practice her editing skills on Adobe Photoshop in class. Rodriguez is also very involved at Robinson as a member of multiple clubs including Marine Biology, Photography and Model U.N. Outside of Robinson, she partakes in ballet for Kari and DiMarco South Dance.

When Rodriguez isn't writing or practicing ballet, you can find her listening to her favorite artists such as Taylor Swift and Lana Del Ray while crocheting or painting. Her paintings tend to be still life watercolors and you will often see her drawing inspiration from her surroundings.

"I'll usually paint what I see around me so like right now I've been painting my cat," Rodriguez said.

In the future, Rodriguez has not decided what she wants to pursue yet, but plans on making a positive impact on the world by helping others in her future field of profession.

"I want to do something that helps a lot of people like something with a charity organization or I want to be like a lawyer in the future," Rodriguez said. "I want to especially help people who are less privileged, and you know, can't afford to help you."

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