Knight Mic: EP 10 | RHS 2022 FAST Camp

Join Multimedia Editor Ingalls Witte and Staff Writer Payton Heckman, along with their guest host, Naomi Sullins, at Robinson High School’s 2022 FAST Camp with the new freshman Class of 2026.

RHS FAST Camp is an annual one-day camp for any incoming student who’s new to campus. This year’s camp was held on Aug. 6, organized by Robinson’s Student Government Association (SGA) and PTSA, as well as RHS FAST Camp Lead Teacher, Sarah Sanford. New students got a tour of the campus at several team-building stations, learned strategies for high school success and got an exclusive Q&A session with a student panel where they could ask anything about high school and get honest answers.

This episode’s Knight Mic hosts broke into the shells of new faces and got them into the Back-to-School Spirit.

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