Album preview: “Awaken My Love”- Childish Gambino

Michelle Aros, A&E Staff Writer

Donald Glover is a man of many talents. He’s an actor, writer, comedian and even a rapper by the stage name Childish Gambino. Childish Gambino has released two albums with his Camp album reaching no. 11 on the Billboard 200 and his ‘Because the Internet’ album reaching number seven on the Billboard 200. His newest album, Awaken, My Love!, will be available Dec. 2.

Recently, Gambino has released two songs from his new album,”Me and Your Mama” and “Redbone”. These songs give off a powerful soulful rhythm and funk that separates this album from the rest of Gambino’s previous music.

“Me and Your Mama” starts with a soft lullaby melody until the song shifts into a bold hard rock beat. The singer begins yelling and singing about wanting his love to come back to him as he is deeply in love with her and won’t let go. It ends the intense emotional vibe with another blues melody mixed with synths, concluding the six minute song.

“Redbone” begins with another slow funky jam and an edited high pitched voice from Gambino. The steady bass in the background with more synth chords and piano infused, giving a warm beat to the listener and capturing their attention.

Overall, Awaken, My Love! shows the different musical genres that Gambino can pull off eloquently. It is a very strange combination to be seen nowadays, but is interesting to listen to the combination of electro-funk that was once seen in the early 1980s. Gambino will be demonstrating his vocal abilities instead of his rhymes, which leaves the listener and fans to await what the album will be like this on Dec. 2.