9-1-1 premieres season three on FOX

FOX’s 9-1-1 starts season three with a bang.

The poster for 9-1-1, courtesy of IMDb.

The poster for 9-1-1, courtesy of IMDb.

Kenzie Krcelic, Staff Writer

I really don’t like crime shows. Some of them scare me to be honest. Dateline is a great example of why I always go to sleep feeling like I’m gonna get murdered or kidnapped the next day and I just hate them, but I’m confident that I’ve finally found the perfect crime show, and that is 9-1-1.

9-1-1 is a drama/crime show on FOX about a group of firefighters and policemen who respond to urgent emergency calls and show up to save the day. It comes on every Monday at 8 p.m. 9-1-1 is a fairly new show, it only has two seasons and just premiered the first episode of season three.

FOX has been teasing season three for a while now. The trailer for the new season shows a huge tsunami slamming into the Santa Monica Pier and very intense scenes of underwater rescues. Coming from a person who really enjoys watching this show, I can say that I was super excited for this season.

In the premiere, a character injured last season tries to retake his firefighter test and requalify to come back to work, but has an accident happen to him and he ends up back at the hospital. While there, his boss visits him in the hospital and they talk about his career. The conversation ended on a low note. It made me wants to cry and scream, but you would have to watch it for yourself.

It’s hard not to give spoilers because it is such an entertaining way to premiere a show and I just want to talk to everyone about it.

There’s multiple 911 calls that come in throughout the episode, some non urgent, and some extremely urgent. The main character, 911 operator, Maddie, takes a call about a woman being stabbed, and it ultimately leads police to a shocking kidnapping.

Most shows have boring season premieres, like Grey’s Anatomy for example, but there’s something about 9-1-1 that always steps out of the box and draws me in with a bang.

Season two in a nutshell ended with a main character getting crushed by a fire truck whilst the public along with law enforcement tried to stop a teenager serial mail bomber, two characters got married after a long buildup, and two others finally confess their love. The show is drama filled, but it’s definitely not the annoying type of drama–more like romance drama, the cute kind. I have been waiting for season three, but not enough people have.

This show needs attention. Since it’s kind of a tucked away show, people just push it off because it’s not well known. The way I started watching it was that it was the only semi interesting sounding show on TV, but when I watched it, I was completely blown away at how great it was and it became the exception to my no-crime-show rule.

9-1-1 has many twists and turns throughout it’s three seasons, but it’s still completely solid. No episode has ever bored me, and I can’t help but click on the next episode the minute one ends.