Review: Does Wendy’s breakfast deserve the hype?

Wendy’s breakfast is average at best.


Photo K. Krcelic

Some of Wendy’s featured breakfast items

Kenzie Krcelic, Staff Writer

As of March 2, Wendy’s finally started serving breakfast nationwide. I for one was very excited to hear about this since Wendy’s is my go-to fast food place. Wendy’s gets the hype for their 4 for 4s, Frostys, Baconator fries, spicy nuggets, but breakfast? Wendy’s has always kept the same menu throughout the day so a breakfast concept could be interesting. I tested out the breakfast so you don’t have to.

I went to my local Wendy’s and I ordered a few popular menu items that I saw the most promotion for. I got the Breakfast Baconator, the Honey Butter Chicken Sandwich, the seasoned potatoes, a chocolate Frosty-ccino and a vanilla Frosty-ccino.

The price was pretty cheap, I was able to get two full meals and two coffees for only 12 dollars. Something about Wendy’s that’s sets it apart from other fast food restaurants is that you get pretty good food for your money’s worth.

When I got my food, It was actually presented nicely, which got me even more excited to try everything. I started with the potato wedges, which were seasoned perfectly by the way. They were served fresh and hot and taste almost exactly like Arby’s signature curly fries. I finished all the wedges and actually ordered myself a large side of wedges separate from the review because they are just too good.

I tried the chicken biscuit next and the only word I could come up with to describe the taste was ‘average’. It’s not bad but it doesn’t compare to Chick-fil-A’s chicken biscuit or even come close to touching the school’s breakfast chicken sandwich. I wouldn’t recommend this unless you aren’t able to get to school in time for breakfast or it’s a Sunday.

Trying the Breakfast Baconator was so disappointing. This was the item Wendy’s had hyped up the most and it was the worst thing I’ve tasted. Eating it tasted like a mouth full of pepper with mayonnaise literally dripping off the sandwich. After the first bite I also realized that it wasn’t a burger, it was sausage. So in theory, it was advertised as a Breakfast Baconator…which is a burger, but it’s not a burger. I was so confused because I didn’t hear anything about it being sausage, and I did my research before ordering. Either way, the chewy, almost raw bacon, the mayo, all that pepper, the egg and the sausage on a burger bun was not a great idea on Wendy’s part.

I couldn’t stand the taste of poorly combined flavors from the Baconator so I finally tried the Frosty-ccinos. The chocolate one is so bland, there’s a very faint coco taste but it mainly just tastes like straight up coffee brew. The vanilla is even worse, there’s no taste of flavor at all except espresso. I’m a sweet coffee lover, I like lots of cream, sugar and flavor shots with only a slight taste of coffee, so I kind of expected as soon as a saw how dark the coffee was that I was not going to be a huge fan. If you aren’t a sweet coffee lover and like the taste of espresso, this is a decent and cheap pick me up in the mornings.

Wendy’s breakfast does not deserve the hype. The only item I would truly recommend was the seasoned potatoes because they are heavenly. Other than that, Wendy’s breakfast is a flop and I will be sticking to McDonald’s, which still holds the crown for the best and cheapest fast food breakfast.