Teacher Feature| Manuel Montero

Emily Draper and Natalia Ayoub

Born and raised in Tampa, Fla, Manuel Montero has been involved at Robinson for 12 years. Montero graduated from Robinson High and later returned to fulfill a teaching position. He has been teaching for eight years, and currently teaches Inquiry Skills, Pre-IB Physics I, Higher Level [HL] Physics and Standard Level [SL] Physics.

In both high school and college, Montero participated in the marching band, in which he played the trombone.

Majoring in Exercise Science at the University of Florida, he later settled down in Atlanta, Georgia. He worked in a Cardiac Rehabilitation Center for three years and a Cardiac Practice for another five years. After eight years in Atlanta, he moved back to Tampa and became a teacher.

“Moving from Atlanta to Tampa, I couldn’t find the same kind of job,” said Montero. “My brother was already teaching here [at Robinson].”

Montero is the boys’ track coach and the girls’ assistant soccer coach. He also sponsors two clubs at Robinson: Key Club and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes [FCA]. His brother, also a teacher at Robinson, Thomas Montero, co-sponsors the clubs with him.

Montero enjoys spending time with his wife and kids watching Sci-Fi movies, especially the Empire Strikes Back and Blade Runner. He also likes to participate in active sports, such as track, soccer and mountain-biking.

“My favorite part about being a teacher is the kids,” said Montero. “Just being around young people and seeing them grow up and learn is most important to me.”