For Peterson, Band Worth the Time

Isabel Giovanetti, Staff Writer

Band is a big deal to junior Lindsay Peterson (’16). For the last three years, she has been a committed member of the Robinson High School marching band. During the fall, hours of grueling practices in the hot sun consume her afternoons. During the spring, it is concert band rehearsals.

“[It] is a lot harder than it seems. It’s a lot of effort and time,” said Peterson.

However, all that effort pays off at the county’s annual Music Performance Assessment (MPA).

“We got superiors in marching, jazz band, and concert band, which is a really big deal. They call it the triple crown.”

At MPA, each division of the band was assessed in various categories such as “marching” and “visuals”. The highest possible score in any of these categories is a superior rating.

“We got superiors in all the categories and overall superiors,” she said. “We got one more superior than Plant did.”

The triple-crown achievement meant a lot to the entire band.

“When we found out, everyone started running around screaming.”

After last year, Peterson expects this season’s performance to be just as fulfilling.

“Our show’s looking really good. It’s a lot more intense than last year.”

Remembering all of the practices she has already attended, and looking ahead towards all the rehearsals that await her, Lindsay knows her time is being out to good use.

“It makes it all worth it.”