The Big Decision: Undecided


Photo Morgan Felt

Seniors Kennedy Snyder, Sean Piontek and Charlie Draper.

Morgan Felt, Staff Writer

As National Decision Day, May 1, approaches many high school seniors are solidifying their future plans. With the admissions process over, mostly all schools have released their final admission lists. For these next few weeks we will be featuring students the have chosen various paths including joining the military, going for a sports scholarship or applying early decision. To start, we talked to three seniors who are still weighing their college options.

Kennedy Snyder

Kennedy Snyder also applied to seven schools: UF, UCF, George Washington University in DC, American University, University of Miami, University of Virginia and Boston University. Three of the seven schools she chose to apply to were in-state schools.

“Going to college is so expensive, especially out of state schools, and finances are a big factor for me and my family,” Snyder said. “That’s why I chose to apply to 3 in state schools.”

Kennedy was accepted to UF, UCF, Boston University and American University, her top choice. She plans to major in foreign relations and this was one of the factors that contributed to her selection of these schools. She is still weighing the costs of each university before she will make her final pick.

Sean Piontek 

Sean Piontek’s college search hasn’t been easy.

“The whole thing was awful,” Piontek said. “Basically all the colleges I applied to held me upside down by the ankles and tried to get as much money out of me as possible and then demanded more money.”

Piontek applied to seven schools: USF, UF, Emory, UNC-Chapel Hill, Duke, Cornell and Colombia.

“I investigated each of these schools and each one of them offered something different for me, but they were also all great for scientific research, which I am very interested in.”

Sean has yet to decide what his major is, but he wants to look into biology. So far Sean has received generous scholarships from Emory and UNC and is highly considering those schools. Sean has also been accepted to USF and UF.

Charlie Draper

Like Snyder and Piontek, Charlie Draper also applied to seven schools.

“I applied to seven schools, UF, UNC, UVA, Clemson, Georgia Tech, Duke and Princeton,” Draper said. “I only chose to apply to one in-state school because UF is my top choice school and I felt fairly confident I would get in.”

Draper plans on majoring in Engineering but is not sure what type yet, although his college choices did not always reflect this.

“I chose to apply to Georgia Tech because I know it has a great engineering program, but on the other end I also chose to apply to UNC which doesn’t even have an engineering program.”

Charlie has been accepted to UF, UNC, UVA, Clemson and Georgia Tech, but is deciding mainly between UF and Georgia Tech.

“I like the campus of UF better, but I think Georgia tech would be better for engineering.”