Meet Chef Mitch

Robinson High School welcomes a new chef.


Meet Robinson’s new chef.

Ella Wertz, News Editor

Among Robinson’s 19 new teachers for the new year, the school will also be welcoming a new chef to the staff. Chef Mitchell “Mitch” Smithey has never taught before and is taking a hands-on approach to his new position to cultivate Robinson’s culinary program into an creative outlet for students.

Chef Mitch got into teaching because it is more like a hobby than a profession to him. It combines two things that he loves into one perfectly fitted job.

“I like teaching. I like cooking and I like teaching other people how to cook. I combines two things I like to do,” Smithey said.

Chef Mitch has made his class enjoyable for the students and added a friendly presence to the program.

“He’s very welcoming and warm. I think he’s a good teacher. His attitude reflects the class and the students really want to be in the class with him,”  Mariah Mohabir (’20) said.

Chef Mitch chose Robinson as his first teaching job because high school offers him more of a creative outlet to teach a larger variety of recipes and cooking techniques.

“You can get more in-depth with the culinary and more hands-on and really get into obscure culinary techniques. In middle school, it’s a lot of let’s make cookies and a simple pasta but in high school we can start get into competition level cooking,” Smithey said.

His layout of the class is very structured and he has turned the culinary program into a very productive outlet for students.

“He made sure to separate each station and he makes it clear to each station what they have to do. This year it is clearer and I’d say a more efficient culinary class,” Mohabir (’20) said.

Chef Mitch says he has big plans for Robinson and hopes to make it the talk of Hillsborough County with culinary excellency.

“[My goal here is] to make Robinson culinary the envy of the county. I want all the big leagues to want to have all of their parties here,” Smithey said.

These goals for the program are very evident to student as they see his dedication first-hand in each period they attend.

“This year I feel like our new chef is really engaged in the program and he cares about the carrying out of the operation,”  Mohabir (’20) said.