Attack Percussion

Claire Chen, Staff Writer

This Saturday, local percussion ensemble Attack Percussion teamed up with several Robinson band and drum line members to compete at the Florida state championships at the Ocean Center, Daytona Beach. Due to their hours of practice, the group achieved second place.

“It was great, but the point wasn’t that we placed second,” said Brennan Ausloos (’16), one of the drum line students. “It was how we did so well throughout the season and got past setbacks and still managed to score pretty well.”

A key reason that the students achieved so much was that they were dedicated to becoming better musicians, both in and out of school. Most of them had to juggle preparing for the spring concert for Mr. Revett while simultaneously practicing music for the competition.

“I try to practice every day,” said Mykelle Rivera (’15). “It’s good to know what you are weakest and strongest in so that you know what you can improve on.”

All of the students agree that Mr. Flores, the ensemble director of Attack Percussion, was crucial in organizing and convincing students to join.

As Ausloos emphasized, “Mr. Flores has always been really involved with the percussion students, and he was the one who asked me to come and audition. Even before I joined band, Mr. Flores has always inspired me.”

Other students involved in the ensemble include Jacob Trask (’14), Clay Lewis (’16), Stormy Seliquini (’15), Katy Davisson (’17), and Christien Elkins (’16).